How can I help the library?


Volunteers continue to support the library through promoting the library within the community, fundraising, assisting with special events, financial contributions, and providing service in the library. Please visit our Volunteer page for more information.

Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Library is a group of volunteers that help support Sanger Public Library in many ways. They have met quarterly in the past, and all meetings are open to the public.

The Friends are in need of members who would like to be involved in fundraising activities and in positions on their board.

Membership dues are $5 per year for one person and $10 per year for a family. A lifetime individual membership is $50. For more information, please visit our Friends of the Library page.

Donate Historical Items

The library tries to preserve all written materials about Sanger. If you have photographs, copies of the Sanger Courier prior to 1970, letters, diaries, church bulletins, or anything else that you'd like to share that has to do with the City of Sanger, we welcome your contribution. If you are not willing to part with an original, we would appreciate it if you would allow the library to make a copy.

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