Do you charge fines for overdue items?

Books, DVDs, Audiobooks, and CDs do not have late fees.  Launchpad Tablets have a $1 per day late fee.  (Please note: items checked out prior to January 31st, 2018 are still subject to late fees under the prior checkout policy.)

Consequences Per Time Overdue

Please return or renew items by their due date! Cardholders will be notified of overdue items.

  • Any item(s) overdue for 14 days or more will prevent a cardholder from checking out additional material or using computers/eServices until the item(s) are returned or renewed. 
  • If an item is more than 30 days overdue it is no longer able to be renewed, however, the item may be returned without penalty (as long as it is undamaged). Cardholder privileges are suspended until the overdue item is returned.
  • Items are considered lost and are eligible for replacement if they are 60 days overdue. Cardholders are responsible for replacing lost or damaged items and may be charged the replacement cost of the item or asked to provide a replacement copy.  If you have a long overdue item, please contact us for more information and assistance; depending on the replacement status, you may be able to return long overdue items without charge, provided they are undamaged.

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