Garage Sales

The City of Sanger will begin issuing Garage Sale Permits today - June 10, 2020. Permits can be obtained at Sanger City Hall, 502 Elm Street. All Garage Sale Permit recipients are recommended to follow guidelines issued by the CDC and Texas Governor's Office including but not limited to social distancing and sanitizing procedures.

Garage Sale Regulations

Section 4.901 Definition

Occasional Sales. Sales of tangible personal property at retail out of home, garage carport, patio or yard.

Section 4.902 Regulations

Occasional sales are not to exceed one in number during any one-month period, by a person who does not hold himself out in engaging, or does not habitually engage into business of selling such property at retail and providing that:

  1. The tangible property shall be sold only on the premises of the owner or lessee of the property where the sale is conducted, and said owner or lessee must be the legal owner of such tangible property at the time of such sale;
  2. No new merchandise (i.e., merchandise acquired solely for the purpose of resale) shall be sold at such occasional sale; and
  3. The duration of such sales shall not exceed three consecutive calendar days.
  4. Three "Garage Sale" signs will be issued by the City of Sanger and are the only signs allowed for advertisement of the sale. Signs must be removed within one day after the last day of the sale. Issued signs may only be placed on private property with property owner's permission. A minimum of one sign must be placed on the property where the sale is conducted. Additional sign placement regulations in Article 3.1400 Sign Regulations.

Section 4.903 Permit Required

A permit shall be obtained from City Hall for such occasional sales and the permit fee shall be $10.

City-Wide Garage Sale Form (PDF) - Fee Waived for City-wide sale on April 23, 2022.