Future Feasibility of a Downtown Location

While the overall preference seen in the Community Survey was for the library to remain at its current site or in a downtown location, demonstrated need for a significantly larger library facility to accommodate current and long-term community growth poses many challenges to keeping the library in a downtown location, namely the availability of a suitable 3-acre site.

Factors of Consideration

Komatsu Architecture specifically addressed the current site in their study and whether it is feasible to build a new library or expand at the current location.  They conclude that consideration of the following factors "may make expansion of the current site cost prohibitive."

  • For either new construction or an expansion at the present site:
    • 3 acres would be required.  The existing library site is approximately 14,000 square feet.  An acre is 43,560 square feet; therefore an additional 116,680 square feet [2.7 acres] of adjacent property would need to be acquired
    • May incur added expense and possible demolition of existing structures
    • Could lead to the city having to exercise eminent domain
    • Would incur expense of moving/relocating existing alley utilities
    • Would need to consider the additional expense of building a new city hall since the expansion would probably require the current city hall site
  • Other issues with keeping the library at its present location include:
    • Phased construction, would result in a longer construction period
    • Inconvenience to the staff and patrons
    • Periods of library closure may be required throughout phased construction

Scale of Proposed Site Next to Current Site