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Engineering is responsible for overseeing major capital infrastructure projects.  This is accomplished through work with consultants, engineers, architects, contractors and others to see projects through from start to finish.  Types of projects that fall under the purview of engineering include water, waste water, drainage, streets, and sidewalks.

Engineering FAQs
Q.  Does the City participate in the National Flood Insurance Program?
A.  The City of Sanger is a member of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) National Flood Insurance Program and maintains current Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM’s) and Letters of Map Revision (LOMR) issued by FEMA.

Q.  What type of maintenance bond does the City require for construction of public improvements?
A.  The city of Sanger requires a two (2) year, 10% maintenance bond for all public improvements constructed in the city.  Public improvements are streets, sidewalks, drainage systems, and water and sewer lines.  The city does not have a standard bond form.

Q.  How can I get city water and sewer lines located and how much does this service cost?
A.   Call the Public Works Service Center at 940-458-7930 and request water and sewer line locates. The fee for this service is $50.  The city will locate water and sewer lines that are maintained by the city and within city rights-of-way and/or easements.

Q.  Is Sanger part of the DIG TESS one call system for locating underground utilities?
A.  The city is not part of the DIG TESS one call system.  To locate underground utilities other than city water and sewer lines, call 1-800-DIGTESS a minimum of 48 hours prior to digging.

Q.  How do I apply for and obtain a grading permit?
A.  The Public Works Department will issue a grading permit for general earthwork after a grading plan showing proposed grading and erosion control measures, including a storm water pollution prevention plan if necessary, has been submitted and approved.

Q. How can I tell if my house and/or property are located within the floodplain?
A. The Public Works Department maintains current FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Letters of Map Revision.  We also keep on file all drainage studies that may have been completed on the various creeks within Sanger.  Contact the Engineering Department with your address and we can help you determine whether or not your house and/or property are in the floodplain.

For additional information please visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) website at

Q. Can I build anything in an easement?
A. You should not construct any structures within an easement. One exception, however, is that wood or chain link fences may be placed in some easements subject to local deed restrictions. Please contact the City’s Building Inspections Division at 940-458-2059 for further clarification of your specific situation.

Q. How do I abandon an easement?
A. You should contact the Public Works Department 940-458-2571 to obtain an easement abandonment form. You will need to have a surveyor prepare an exhibit and metes and bounds description of the area to be abandoned. You will also need to provide documentation that those entities that have rights to use the easement do not object to the abandonment.

Q. How do I get a survey of my property?
A. The city does not have surveys of private property. You will need to contact a surveyor to have one prepared.

Q. Does the city have standard construction details?
A. Yes, you can get to those details by click on the provided link. For more information, contact the city’s Public Works Department, 940-458-2571.

Q.  What is a 100-year floodplain?
A.  It is the area of land inundated by floodwaters from a storm that has a one percent (1%) probability of being equal at or exceeded in any given year.

Q.  Who do I need to speak with to construct something in a floodplain?
A.  Please contact the city’s Public Works Department at 940-458-2571 and they will forward your inquiry to the appropriate staff person.

For additional information please visit the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) website at

Q.  How do I get an elevation certificate?
A.  The city does not provide elevation certificates. You may contact an engineer or surveyor of your choice to obtain an elevation certificate.

Q.  There is new construction behind my lot and I’m having drainage problems due to the construction.  Is there anything the city can do to make the developer drain his development away from me?
A.  There is a misconception that new development is not allowed to drain onto existing development. If the area drained onto the adjacent property prior to development, it may continue to do so after development.  If problems are being created during construction, please contact the Public Works Department 940-458-2571 and we will investigate to determine whether the development is being properly constructed.

Q.  The new construction behind my house is causing a lot of dirt and sediment to enter my yard.  Can the city force the builder to place erosion protection on his lot?
A.   Please contact the Public Works Department at 940-458-2571. It is helpful if you know the name of the adjacent development.  The developer of a subdivision or a commercial site is required to maintain pollution control on his property until adequate vegetation is established.

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