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Effective September 3rd, 2019:


DVD Policy Changes


  • By signing the library's form for a minor to get a card, parents and guardians acknowledge they understand that:
    • Their child has access to the library's full collection and resources, including movies.
    • They are responsible for materials checked out on their children's cards and that is it is not the responsibility of the library to monitor or approve their children's selection of materials, even if they have not accompanied their child to the library.
  • Minors who were issued library cards under the old movie checkout policy which required parents to give permission for their children to check out movies of certain ratings remains under the old policy unless a parent or guardian requests in writing that their child be switched to the new policy.


  • There is no longer a per-household movie limit.  Any member of the family may check out the maximum number of DVDs on each of their cards (4 for adults, 2 for children/minors, with only 1 season of TV at a time per cardholder).


Student Cards:

  • Minors ages 14-17 may get a Student Card (does not require a parent/guardian signature). These cards allow students a limited number of checkouts (2 books) and also allow the cardholder to access our full slate of electronic resources, including eBooks, eAudiobooks, and Texshare Research Databases.

Library cards & accounts:

  • There is no charge to get a Sanger Public Library card and we have no residency restrictions, however we do have certain stipulations and requirements which are listed below:

    Adult applicants:

    • Must show a valid photo ID with a current address, such as a driver's license (a valid temporary driver's license is acceptable).


    • If your ID doesn't have your current address: a recent/valid proof of address is required in addition to the photo ID. Accepted documents include: lease agreement, utility bill, car insurance, property tax statement, bank statement, etc (any type of official document or mail will work).


    • While we have no restrictions regarding place of residence, short-term residents and visitors to the area may be issued a temporary card with an expiration date of less than a year (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, etc) at the discretion of the library. A permanent mailing address, phone number, and temporary physical address (if applicable) should be provided.

    Under-18 applicants:

    • There is no minimum age to get a library card, but a child must be able to sign his/her full name on our family card form (either in print or in cursive). 


    • A parent/guardian of those under 14 must fill out and sign our family form for their child to receive a card.  At least one parent/guardian of a minor should have a Sanger Library card in good standing. If a parent does not have a Sanger card, we will first issue a card to the parent (see above for information on getting an adult card) and then issue cards to their child(ren).


    • Student Cards are available to minors ages 14-17 (without parent signature).  Student Cards allow the cardholder to check out up to 2 books and also gives the cardholder access to our full collection of eBooks, as well as TexShare database research tools.  A student card may be expanded to a full privilege card with a parent/guardian's signature.


    • Written parental permission is required for ALL minors to use library computers.
  • Sanger Public Library is part of a consortium group with 11 other area libraries.  Cardholders from these libraries can use their cards at Sanger Public Library.  To see a map of these libraries and their locations, click here.


    NTLC Consortium Libraries:

    • Alvarado Public Library
    • Aubrey Area Library
    • Betty Foster Public Library (Ponder)
    • Bridgeport Public Library
    • Decatur Public Library
    • Haslet Public Library
    • John Ed Keeter Public Library (Saginaw)
    • Justin Community Library
    • Krum Public Library
    • Lake Dallas Public Library
    • Roanoke Public Library

    You may also check out material if you have a valid TexShare card from another Texas library... just ask for assistance at the desk!

    Important note: Cardholders from other libraries may have limitations on checking out certain materials or using certain services, such as Inter-Library Loan and the checkout of Launchpad tablets.

  • Lost cards may be replaced for a $1.00 charge.  

    Even if your card is lost, you remain responsible for all library material borrowed on your account.  If your card is lost and you are concerned about unauthorized use, please let us know as soon as possible; you may request that your account be temporarily blocked until a new card can be issued to you.

    Helpful hint: sometimes we find lost library cards around the library or in returned books... if you haven't been able to find your card, be sure to check with us to see if we have found it!

  • Books, DVDs, Audiobooks, and CDs do not have late fees.  Launchpad Tablets have a $1 per day late fee.  (Please note: items checked out prior to January 31st, 2018 are still subject to late fees under the prior checkout policy.)

    Please return or renew items by their due date! Cardholders will be notified of overdue items.

    • Any item(s) overdue for 14 days or more will prevent a cardholder from checking out additional material or using computers/eServices until the item(s) are returned or renewed. 


    • If an item is more than 30 days overdue it is no longer able to be renewed, however the item may be returned without penalty (as long as it is undamaged). Cardholder privileges are suspended until the overdue item is returned.


    • Items are considered lost and are eligible for replacement if they are 60 days overdue. Cardholders are responsible for replacing lost or damaged items and may be charged the replacement cost of the item or asked to provide a replacement copy.  If you have a long overdue item, please contact us for more information and assistance; depending on the replacement status, you may be able to return long overdue items without charge, provided they are undamaged.
  • Cardholders are responsible for lost or damaged items and will be charged the replacement cost of the item and any necessary processing fees.  It may also be possible (and potentially lower cost) for a replacement copy to be provided in lieu of payment.  Please ask for more information about replacement copies; the library is not obligated to accept replacement copies offered without prior approval.

    Cardholder privileges are suspended until the balance of a lost or damaged item is cleared. 

    What are processing fees? 

    Processing fees ($5 per item) will be applied to offset the cost of supplies and staff time required to mend a damaged item or process a replacement item. 

    If you have an item that is long overdue but not damaged, please contact us for more information and assistance: you may be able to return it without charge.

General library use:
  • Books, Audiobooks, CDs, and Non-Fiction DVDs:

    2 Week Checkout



    1 Week Checkout

    Launchpad Tablets:

    2 Week Checkout (max. 1 week renewal)


    Great Courses Sets:

    3 Week Checkout

  • New cardholders have a first-time check out limit of 2 items. Full checkout privileges (below) become available upon the return of the first check out(s).

    Adult cardholders may have up to 15 books and 4 DVDs checked out at a time. 

    Under-18 cardholders may have up to 10 books and 2 DVDs checked out at a time.


    For all cardholdersLarge multi-disk DVD sets, such as TV series, are limited to one season (or set) at a time per household at a time. 


    Helpful Hint: Audiobooks, CDs, and Non-Fiction DVDs count as books against your checkout total.
  • Yes!  You can call or email the library with a hold request, or place a hold yourself by logging into the catalog using your library card number and pin number.
  • If we do not have an item you're looking for, there are several ways we may be able to find it for you:

    NTLC Libraries

    It is possible that one or more of the other libraries in the North Texas Library Consortium (NTLC) will have what you are looking for.  You can contact us to request an item, or you can search the NTLC libraries through our catalog.  When searching, simply click on the box that reads "Sanger Public Library" and select "North Texas Library Consortium" instead.  Items requested by Sanger cardholders will be sent to Sanger Public Library. Getting an item from another NTLC library is free for Sanger Public Library cardholders, and most items arrive about a week after they are requested.  Please note that some items may be unavailable to get from other NTLC libraries if they are too new or are currently checked out.  Sanger cardholders may also check out items in person at NTLC libraries with their Sanger card.

    Inter-Library Loan (ILL)*

    Please contact us in person, by phone, or by email to start the ILL process.  We can search libraries across Texas and the rest of the country to see if the item you are looking for is available.  There is a charge for the cost of postage of the item (generally between $1 and $4).  Please note: an ILL loan can take some time to complete... if your needs are time sensitive (such as for research or a school project), please contact us with your ILL request as soon as possible.


    TexShare is a service of the Texas Library Association which allows a cardholder to directly checkout material from libraries in Texas that are not in their local branch system or consortium (there are more than 1,000 TexShare libraries!).  To get a TexShare card, you will need to have a Sanger Library card in good standing and come into the library to apply for one.  (FYI - each participating library has its own rules on TexShare checkouts, so be sure to consult each library on how to checkout materials with your Texshare card).

    *ILL and TexShare cards become available after you have had a card (in good standing) for 6 months.

  • Items can be renewed by logging in to your account through the catalog, or by calling or emailing us.  Most items can be renewed up to two times (Launchpads can only be renewed once, Great Courses Sets can be renewed up to 3 times).  An item may not be renewed if it has reached the maximum number of renewals or if someone has placed a hold on it (this happens especially with new books).  Items may not be renewed if they are 30 days or more overdue.

  • Online Catalog

    Our online catalog lets you browse and search our collection (as well as the collections of all the other NTLC libraries) and manage your account.  Important features include placing holds on items, checking due dates, and renewing your checkouts.

    Freading and Overdrive

    Both of these are excellent eBook services that operate on a wide variety of e-Reader and tablet platforms.  These services are free for Sanger Public Library cardholders.


    Streaming and Downloadable music and music videos, free for Sanger Public Library cardholders.

In-library services:
  • Yes!  

    • Copying/printing on 8.5x11 paper is $0.15 per page for Black & White and $0.50 per page for color. 
    • Faxing is $1 for the first page, and $.50 for each additional page.  Ask at the desk for assistance with our fax machine.
    • We have a scanner that can scan and save to a portable USB flashdrive/thumbdrive.  If you do not have a flash drive, ask at the desk - we keep a few spares on hand for patron use.  There is no charge for scanning.
  • Yes.  We have computers available for public use as well as free WiFi during the hours that the library is open.

    Those under 18 may use public computers with parental permission.

  • The library does not proctor exams.
  • The Friends of the Library has on ongoing book sale in the library foyer.  Hardbacks have a suggested donation of $2 and paperbacks have a suggested donation of $0.50.

    The Friends of the Library also host an annual book sale which occurs during Sanger Sellabration (2nd Saturday of September).

  • We do not have a notary public.

    Many banks and realty offices have a notary. Mailbox/shipping stores also often have a notary available.  

  • Yes!

    Our meeting room is available during normal library hours to nonprofit organizations, educators, or other groups of 2 or more who are engaging in not-for-profit activity that fits within the library's policies.  Library and City of Sanger events take priority scheduling, and other groups are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    For more information on our meeting room facility and how to reserve it, please read our full meeting room policy by clicking on "MEETING ROOM POLICY" tab at the top of this page.

Community service, volunteering, & donations:
  • Yes.  We welcome walk-in donations up to four medium size boxes at a time.  Larger donations may be accepted, but we ask that the donor contact the library in advance to schedule a drop-off time: this ensures that we have space and staff available to receive a larger donation.  There are certain materials that are not accepted (such as encyclopedia sets, magazine collections, or damaged items) and the library reserves the right to refuse donations for a variety of reasons.  For more information, please read our full donation policy.


    NOTE: As there is limited on-site storage and all donations must be processed by staff, our donation policy may be occasionally altered in response to a high volume of donations.  If you have any questions or would like to inquire about donating materials to the library, please call us at 940-458-3257.

  • Yes.  

    We ask that you come during our normal business hours (M-Thu: 10am -6pm, Fri: 10am-5pm & Sat: 10am-2pm) and fill out a Community Service application. We will review it to confirm you are a good candidate (theft or assault charges are not accepted). We cannot guarantee a certain amount of hours. Work is dependent on how busy the library is and how many people are currently on the schedule.  More information on Community Service can be found on our volunteer page.

  • Volunteering

    Volunteers continue to support the library through promoting the library within the community, fund raising, assisting with special events, financial contributions, and providing service in the library.  Please visit our Volunteer page for more information.

    Friends of the Library

    The Friends of the Library is a group of volunteers that help support Sanger Public Library in many ways.  The Board of the Friends of the Library meets quarterly, and all meetings are open to the public. The Friends of the Library is also who hosts our annual Book Sale in September at the Sanger Sellabration.  Membership dues are $5 per year for one person and $10 per year for a family. Lifetime individual membership is $50.  For more information, please visit our Friends of the Library page.

    Donate historical items

    The library tries to preserve all written materials about Sanger.  If you have photographs, copies of the Sanger Courier prior to 1970, letters, diaries, Church Bulletins or anything else that you’d like to share that has to do with the City of Sanger, we welcome your contribution.  If you are not willing to part with an original, we would be appreciate if you would allow the library to make a copy.


(Revised, 2/15/15)


Meeting room equipment:

Ceiling mounted projector with Component Video and VGA inputs

Stereo System with Stereo inputs and Bluetooth audio connectivity 

DVD Player




      Local nonprofit organizations, educators, and groups of two or more individuals who would like to engage in a not-for-profit activity that adheres to the library’s policies may use the meeting room during the library’s normal operating hours through arrangements made with the library staff. Library and city sponsored events have priority, and other groups on a first come, first served basis. Before or after the library’s normal operating hours, the meeting room will only be available for city and library-sponsored activities and meetings.

             Other guidelines:

  • Groups and individuals may not reserve the room more than three times in a two month period, with the exception of library-related meetings and city board meetings.
  • Hours of scheduling should include the total time the room will be needed, including setup or assembling and possible cleanup.
  • Adult supervision of minors (under the age of 18) is required.



Requests for use of the meeting room should not be made more than 30 days in advance. The application form should be filled out and signed by an official representative of the group.

Applications may be rejected and previously granted permission may be withdrawn at the discretion of the library director or authorized staff member for violation of the meeting room rules or conduct inconsistent with the library’s policies.


Rules for Use:

A driver’s license or $75 deposit will be collected before the room is used by groups not sponsored by the city or the library. The deposit will be returned if the room is left in clean and orderly condition (or in the same condition as it was in before the event). The person reserving the room is responsible for the condition of the room and its contents. An application form should be filled out and a staff member will let the individual or group in the room. When the meeting is over, a staff member will check the room and lock the door. If there is damage to the room or more extensive cleaning is required, a fee will be assessed to cover the costs of repair or cleaning.

The size of the group shall not exceed the maximum capacity of 50 persons. The room comfortably seats 30 or less.

The user is responsible for all table and chair arrangements.

The room should be left in a neat, orderly condition. If not, the group will be given notice that future access to the meeting room may be denied.

Smoking is prohibited in the meeting room or elsewhere on the library premises.

Advertising and the sale of merchandise or other materials related to a for-profit venture is prohibited unless specific approval is obtained in writing from the Director prior to the meeting (Examples of exceptions are book signings and educational events).



Only light refreshments may normally be served in connection with a meeting, although exceptions may be made with prior approval. No alcoholic beverages are permitted. The room must be left clean, including any kitchen equipment used. 



Granting permission for the use of the meeting room does not imply the endorsement of the Sanger Public Library Director or Staff. The library cannot be responsible for loss or damage to exhibits or personal property left in the room. Neither the Library Board not the City of Sanger will be responsible for any accident or injury incurred during the use of the meeting room.

Thank you for your cooperation.

(Revised 2/15/2015)


The policy below is for daycare organizations that wish to bring groups of children to the library or to library events.  This policy helps ensure that both daycare groups and regular library users have the best possible experience at Sanger Public Library.  Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you!



Sanger Public Library is always delighted to have daycares join us at events or simply come to browse the library.  We appreciate your assistance in adhering to these policies as it helps us ensure that daycares and regular library patrons alike have the best experience possible at Sanger Public Library.

Please review the following policies.  We request that daycares return a copy signed by their owner, director, or manager to Sanger Public Library by email, fax, or in person the next time your daycare comes to the library.  We greatly appreciate your help and look forward to seeing you in the library!

General Daycare Policy for visiting Sanger Public Library:

  • Library staff members will not provide direct supervision of children in the library and are not responsible for unsupervised children.  It is the responsibility of daycare providers to actively supervise the children in their care. 
  • Daycares visiting the library are expected to have an adequate number of care providers available on site for the number of children they are bringing to the library.
  • Daycare providers should be familiar with the Sanger Public Library Behavior Policy.
  • While we encourage children to browse the library, we appreciate the help of care providers in ensuring that books are properly cared for.  If you or a child has pulled a book from a shelf and are unsure of where it goes, we appreciate it being brought to the desk to ensure it is reshelved in the correct location.
  • Daycare providers are expected to follow all pertinent State of Texas, Denton County, or City of Sanger laws that govern childcare services.


Attending Events and Programs sponsored by Sanger Public Library

  • Daycares must contact the library by phone (940-458-3257) to request permission to attend a program or event no less than 48 hours in advance of the event
  • Sanger Public Library will consider various logistics such as age requirements and event capacity when evaluating requests to attend events or programs.  Daycares must be prepared to provide the following information: 
    • An accurate count of the number of children expected to attend
    • Information about the ages/grade level of the children
    • The number of staff or care providers expected to accompany their children
  • For groups of children larger than seven, Sanger Public Library requires at least two care providers are on site when attending events or programs. For some programs such as certain craft activities, the child/provider ratio may be lower.  
  • In the event that the number of children a daycare plans to bring significantly changes, the library should be notified by phone no less than one hour before the program begins.
  • If a daycare is attending certain types of programs (e.g., a craft activity), daycare providers may need to actively participate in the facilitation of that program for their children.
  • It is the responsibility of daycare providers to actively supervise the children in their care during events.
  • Sanger Public Library is not obligated to approve daycare requests and may deny permission to attend for any reason.  Sanger Public library may also only give conditional approval (e.g., may not exceed 10 children or must have more than 2 providers present).
  • While we seek to be as accommodating as possible, daycares that do not contact us in advance or bring a significantly higher number of children than indicated may be turned away on site.

    _________________________________________________________________________ ________________
    Sign Date


We ask that you follow our guidelines to make the library a place that everyone can enjoy.  Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Refrain from engaging in actions that could result in damage to the facility.
  • Please notify authorities, staff, or police if you witness someone vandalizing or otherwise damaging the property.
  • Physical assault and verbal abuse, including the use of insulting or threatening language to patrons or staff, will be cause for removal of offending party or parties, and could result in legal action.
  • Public intoxication or acting under the influence of drugs is prohibited.
  • Other illegal actions subject to prosecution under penal laws of the state of Texas are expressly forbidden.
  • Loitering and sleeping are not permitted on library property.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the building and within twenty feet of the entrance.
  • Weapons, offensive clothing, bare feet, running, and loud/disruptive behavior are not permitted.
  • Eating and drinking beverages other than water in a closed container are not permitted inside the library.
  • Service dogs are admitted, but other animals are to remain outside the building.
  • Library personnel are not responsible for unattended children and will not provide baby-sitting service.
  • Authorities may be notified if children are left unaccompanied for lengthy periods and/or on repeated occasions.
  • Police will be called to escort unattended children or other individuals unable to arrange for transportation when the library closes. They will be taken to the police station.
  • Only employees, volunteers, or other authorized persons are permitted in library work areas.


Violation of any rule in this policy may result in exclusion from the building and loss of borrowing and computer privileges. 

Sanger, Texas City Hall
502 Elm St, Sanger, TX 76266
Phone: 940-458-7930

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